I am a Georgia peach that loves to travel! I share my travel adventures through my photographs as well as the travel destinations that have a unique black history around the United States and Abroad!

So, don’t be a stranger! Take a look around and have a view “Thru My Lenz”

Welcome to Las Vegas Clarke County McCarran International Airport

Do you know the Hidden Sleeping Rooms at Las Vegas McCarran Airport?

Black Female Masquerader at Toronto Caribbean Caribana

First Time at Caribana? Here's a guide for preparing for Toronto's Summer Carnival!

Black Wall Street spray painted sign in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Historic Black Wall Street Today. Come to Tulsa, Oklahoma to see what remains

Meet Lenzee

In 2016, I took my first trip abroad to the Cayman Islands
on a cruise ship. Yes, a cruise! Carnival to be exact.

Since then, I have set out to explore as many states and countries as I can while learning about cultures from around the nation and world. My purpose is to not only share my experience with others, but also inspire millennial travelers to see the world!

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