An introverted tech nerd that has found a passion for exploring the world. While she’s not working her corporate job, Lenzee is planning adventures locally and abroad and creating travel-related content. As a travel blogger, she shares her experiences as a millennial, black American woman as she navigates new territory around the world.

Why a Passion For Travel?


After graduating college and stepping into the “real world”, Lenzee found herself longing for something more. Finding a life passion while working a full-time job that takes priority over your free time was challenging. Around 2015, as the influencer culture began to popularize, she began to notice the presence of young black men and women that were exploring the world and sharing their adventures on their social media.


Being inspired by the black travel movement and sites like Travel Noire and Black and Abroad, it wasn’t until 2016 in her early 20s that she obtained her first passport! Her first trip abroad was via a cruise vacation to the Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. Shortly after that trip, she decided to fully commit to becoming a travel blogger!


Since then, she has been to Africa, Canada, traveled to the Caribbean, and has made her way around the United States with no stop in sight!


Coming Up with the Name, Thru Her Lenz


The name Thru Her Lenz is a play on Lenzee’s name and also speaks to how she travels. You will not find Lenzee on a trip without her camera and few different lenses close by!

 My Purpose as a Travel Blogger

With this blog, Lenzee hopes to inspire other millennial travelers and travel enthusiasts. Lenzee truly believes that it is wise to live in the moment and see as much of the world as possible. She is by no means a professional writer or travel photographer, but she does enjoy sharing content through her personal platform.

As her travel journey continues and the content grows, please feel free to reach out to Lenzee HERE

Follow her on her social media platforms as she documents photos from her trips on Instagram and posts daily content on her Facebook page about travel news, celebrity vacations, inspiration and more! 

Please, feel free to ask questions, browse through photos, and share with friends.

Thanks for stopping by and looking Thru Her Lenz!

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