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6 Cute Airport Outfits For Travel That Are Actually Comfortable

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There’s no shame in prioritizing comfort for your airport outfits, but who says you can’t be cute, comfortable, and fashionable at the same time? As a frequent traveler, I’ve seen all kinds of looks in the airports, from the traditional sweatpants outfit to a full glam occasion. If you’re looking for a happy medium to achieve style and maximum comfort, I’ve got some inspiration for you. 

Whether you’re trying to catch the attention of a mysterious, dark, and handsome traveler in the airport, or you’d like to look like the sophisticated girl boss that you are, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a guide to fashionable travel outfit ideas for you to try on your next trip! 

The Classic: Jeans and T-Shirt Combo 

Nothing screams comfort like soft blue jeans and a tee. You can never go wrong with this classic combination, and you can dress this look up and down easily. Want to look cute while strutting past TSA? Pair your jeans with statement pumps or block-heel sandals for extra comfort, and when it’s time to board your plane, ditch the heels for sneakers. No one will ever know!

Don’t worry, this is just a start! Even this basic combination will have you looking good. Sometimes less is definitely more. Keep reading to get some more ideas for cute airport outfits! 

This look is best for: The woman who wants to look put-together but still loves her comfort above all else. 

The Set: Two-Piece Outfits 

Thank God for matching sets! Coordinated outfits are the greatest fashion travel hack ever invented because you can find a matching set that fits every kind of vibe. If you’re traveling for business, opt for a cute matching blazer and shorts or pants set. For those that want to lean more on the comfy airport outfits side but still want to add a sexy touch to their look, knit matching sets are the way to go. 

Check Fashion Nova or Amazon for some cute matching sets at affordable prices!

This look is best for: The business professional or fashionista that doesn’t feel like trying too hard. 

The One Piece: Jumpsuits

Picture this. You’re rushing to get ready for the airport, and you, unfortunately, did not plan out your outfit the night before. This stressful moment is the perfect opportunity for a tried-and-true jumpsuit to come to the rescue. You can find a jumpsuit that fits your style best, but make sure to opt for one that’s easy to unzip on your own. The last thing you’d want is to struggle in those tiny airplane bathrooms. This cute airport outfit stays on-trend and makes for an easy choice. 

The look is best for: Travelers who would rather be doing anything else than worrying about what outfit to wear to the airport. 

The Sporty Look: Stylish Athleisure 

Digital Illustration of woman with short hair, suitcase, biker shorts and blazer for a cute outfit for the airport

Are you hoping to catch the attention of those handsome pro-athletes traveling through the airport? Go for athleisure, but make it cute. Pair biker shorts with a trendy crop top, add some structure to the look with a nice oversized blazer, and voila! You’ve got a look that says, “I’m sporty and sleek.” 

This look is best for: The woman who’s always on the move and probably takes meetings while at the airport because she’s a boss like that. 

The Go-To: Maxi Dress

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a maxi or midi dress as a stylish airport outfit. You can opt for a more casual style like a simple tee shirt dress or go all out with a more chic style. Planes are notoriously cold, and a dress with length will help you keep warm while looking stylish and on-trend. Dresses are comfortable enough for your journey to your destination, and they’re great to rock on the rest of your trip. 

Amazon has affordable and trendy maxi dresses that I think will make for the perfect airport outfit without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to grab a light jacket for the flight and you’re set!

This look is best for: The woman who loves functionality. 

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The Cozy Look: Cardigan and Wide Leg Pant Combo

If coziness must trump style, make it fashionable by reaching for a soft knit cardigan and wide-leg pants that give you room to breathe. This combo is excellent for traveling with ease, but you can have fun with this look, too! Bright colors and patterns are in right now, so find some funky pants to pair with a simple cardigan! You’ll be sure to turn heads walking through the terminal in this number. 

This look is best for: The fashionista who isn’t afraid to take a risk but still wants to be as cozy as possible. 

Travel in style for your upcoming vacations! Sweatpants are great and all, but let’s lay them to rest and grab some cute airport outfits inspiration from this lineup. We can be comfortable but let’s make sure to feel good about ourselves and take pride in the way we look as we head to our next destination. You never know who’s checking you out 😉 ! Don’t forget to check Pinterest for more inspiration, that’s where I go!

Which of these looks will you try out for your next trip?

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