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Las Vegas; City of a Thousand Ways to Get Married.

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Paris may be the city of love, but Las Vegas is the city of weddings. Traditional weddings are still popular. Who can deny the appeal of months of high-stress planning culminating in one day that may or may not live up to expectations? Family feuds, bridezillas in melt-down, unreliable caterers, unpredictable weather, unforeseen expenses that keep popping up; all this can undeniably cast an emotionally traumatic shadow over a day that should be all about love and joy.   

And not everyone has the money or the rich dad to pull off this costly affair. Some people don’t want to be bothered with the planning and the stress of a traditional wedding at home. Las Vegas wedding venues offer a multitude of options, from tacky to adventurous or from simple to classy, for a fraction of the cost of most traditionally self-planned weddings.  Head to the aiWhatever your vision of your ‘special day,’ you’re almost guaranteed to find it in Las Vegas.

Eloping in Las Vegas 

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Of all places to elope, Las Vegas is one of the most popular due to the low-cost, efficient, no-hassle options it offers. Once you make it to the McCarran International Airport Las Vegas, you can hear the wedding bells ringing! Nevada does not require a blood test, and there is no waiting period. The license is cheap, under a hundred dollars, making it one of the best places to elope. Getting the permit is as simple as walking into the County Marriage License Bureau or applying ahead of time online. 

Contrary to popular belief and few terrible movies, a Las Vegas wedding does not have to be a tacky affair in a seedy makeshift chapel with a drunken Elvis slurring his way through your sacred vows. Many venues can plan your nuptials in a matter of hours and host it according to your wishes with no stress or planning on your part.  

Las Vegas weddings are not just for the young with a limited budget. There is truly something for the ‘young at heart’ of all ages. Whether it’s your first marriage, your second, or you’ve lost count. There are many excellent reasons to tie the knot here. 


While traditional weddings cost thousands of dollars, a few hundred—or less—in Las Vegas will get you a complete wedding ceremony tailored to whatever your vision of the perfect wedding is. Your only responsibility is to show up and say, “I do.” 

No Pressure, No Stress

Planning your own wedding is stressful, even when things run smoothly. A Las Vegas wedding means someone else handles all the planning of music, officiant, bouquet, photography, everything big and small that is so overwhelming on your own. You can relay all of your plans over the phone to your wedding coordinator and let them handle it. 

Unwanted Guests   

It’s an unpleasant truth, but among every group of family, friends, and acquaintances, there are a few black sheep or just weird and obnoxious persons. These are people whom you’d rather not invite but can’t get out of asking gracefully. These individuals include people such as your father’s drunken business partner, the pushy next-door neighbor, your barber. The time, expense, and effort of booking a trip to Vegas will deter most of these characters without offending. 

No Waiting

Las Vegas is an excellent option if you do not want to wait for months to be married. You can have everything, including bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding, reception, and even the honeymoon booked in a matter of days. 

Famous Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Graceland Wedding Chapel is probably the most famous. Located on the Las Vegas strip, the first Elvis-themed wedding was performed here in 1977. Besides the Elvis theme wedding, they also offer traditional and adventure packages. They offer weddings in several languages; English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian. 

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel offers a wedding experience for everyone. Their many themes include traditional, Elvis, LGBT, and destination weddings. Their variety of themes is impressive; Gangster, Alice Cooper, Gothic, Beach Party, Gladiator, Liberace, and Detroit Rock City. This list names less than half of the options! Their perks are impressive: free wedding website, digital wedding invitation, and live video stream of the ceremony.

The Little White Wedding Chapel has been going since 1951 and has seen hundreds of thousands of people tie the knot. They have five indoor chapels, the Little White, Promises & Green Room, L’Amour Crystal, an outdoor gazebo, and the historic world-famous Tunnel of Love Drive-Thru. 

They have many packages; Elvis Tribute, Blue Hawaii, Hummer Experience, and the Biker special. Prices range from under a hundred dollars for the Tunnel of Love Drive-Thru, Pink Cadillac, and the Gazebo ceremonies to over a thousand for the Love is in the Air package.  

Las Vegas Wedding Reception Venues

There is an almost limitless choice of wedding reception venues in Las Vegas, willing and capable of hosting any wedding that two hearts could desire. Hotels, country clubs, casinos, golf clubs, restaurants, event centers, historic buildings; the complete list would be long and quite overwhelming. Your best first step would be to decide how you want to celebrate the first day of the rest of your lives together then search online for places that offer that experience. The choices are limited only to your imagination. 

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A roller coaster, sky-diving, or underwater surrounded by colorful fish sets your marriage off on an adventurous course. You can zip-line to matrimony, say ‘I do’ in a helicopter, get hitched in the Valley of Fire, or seal it with a kiss 550 feet in the air on the High Roller observation wheel.  

Just because it’s Las Vegas doesn’t mean your special day can’t be classy, chic, and traditional. Venues such as Chapple of the Flowers, Keep Memories Alive Event Center, and Mandalay Bay Beach offer visually stunning settings in which to create the perfect wedding memories. 

The beauty of a Las Vegas wedding is that it is everything that a traditional wedding has except the stress, expense, and huge margin for disaster. Your only role at your wedding should be getting married!

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