Family Fun at the Baltimore Aquarium

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Oh, to be a kid again! If you are looking for the perfect Baltimore weekend trip for the family or for yourself, then why not head downtown!

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Sunday I had the opportunity of checking out the Baltimore National Aquarium at the Inner Harbor in Maryland.  Whether you’re a child or child at heart, the Baltimore Aquarium is fun for those that enjoy Nature’s underwater creatures.

The aquarium is open year round peaks around the spring break season, summer months, and holidays. Head during the off season if you enjoy lowkey things to do or during the week when the crowds are limited before 11am.

Purchasing Tickets for the Aquarium

A ticket to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland

When you arrive to the aquarium, you can walk right up to the ticket counter purchase tickets. Ticket availability tends to vary on the time of day.  Only a certain amount of tickets are available for specified time slots so that the facility is not overwhelmed with too many guests at any given time.

Ticket’s for individuals will range from $24.95-$39.95 (As of June 2018). The price will depend on the day and time in which you go.  This can be a bit expensive, especially for a family day out, so plan accordingly and factor in parking and food once you get down to the aquarium.

If you want to guarantee your tickets, you can always go online to purchase your tickets ahead of time.  Visit to reserve your spot!

What to Expect During Your Visit to the Baltimore Aquarium

I went to the Baltimore National Aquarium in the morning, around 10 AM.  At this time it was not too busy and we were able to walk right in with ease.  When you get inside, of course, you must take the cheesy photos they try to  sell you upon entry. So, smile big!…or, keep moving.

The aquarium is very big! If you are coming with children, they will have plenty of room to run around without feeling constrained.  The facility has plenty of access to restrooms all throughout just in case you need to go after seeing all of the water 😉

Staff member delivers presentation at the National Aquarium
Staff member delivers presentation to visitors.

The aquarium has scheduled shows throughout the day such as the dolphin show and 4-D feature film. Some are free and some are an additional cost. I recommend grabbing a map and stopping by a visitor booth in order to get all the details.  We made the mistake of not grabbing a map until we go lost.

Inside the Baltimore Maryland Aquarium

The Many Exhibits You’ll See at the Aquarium

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a tip! You can journey through the aquarium and travel through the 3 main exhibits. I suggest to move through the exhibits in the following order:

  • The Blue Wonders
  • Pier 4
  • Australia

The Blue Wonders

  • National Aquarium
  • Sting Rays National Aquarium
  • National Aquarium
  • National Aquarium
  • National Aquarium
  • National Aquarium

This is where I started. Work your way through the black tip reef all the way up to the tropical rain forest.  I enjoyed this exhibit because it’s what you come to the aquarium for. To see fish!

You’ll be able to put your face up to the glass with giant sea turtles, octopus’, and go through shark alley. Luckily, Jaws can’t get you here.

You also have the opportunity to touch a sting ray and a jelly fish. There are staff members onsite to help. I’ve seen enough movies to know that it doesn’t always end well for the people that play with wild animals. So, it was a no for me, but go ahead and touch it if you want to.

Also, since you are in the state of Maryland, you get the chance to see the natural underwater habitation that exists locally. 

Pier 4

In order to get to Pier 4, this is on the other side of the building, Take a stroll across the indoor bridge to the other side.

Check the show times and see the dolphin show! Can you identify which dolphin is which? Me either.

Also, in pier 4 is the Jellies invasion! Who knew there were so many different kinds of jelly fish?

Not only that but Pier 4 also has a food court and bathrooms next to the jelly fish room. By the time you get to the this exhibit, it’s quite possible you have worked up an appetite. Take a break from your kids or grab a bite to eat.


Just in case you get tired of looking at all the water animals, stop down under in the Australian glass pavilion.  Personally, this was my least favorite.  I’m not a fan of snakes so, I could have done without this one. However, it’s still a nice area and you feel as though you are in the environment by actually going into the climate controlled pavilion. Birds will fly around you and you can see a small waterfall.

Final Thoughts

My personal favorite exhibit was the blue wonders.  I was able to effortlessly locate Nemo and Dory in the exhibit. #FindingNemoIsTheBestDisneyMovieEver

I also enjoyed walking around Shark Alley and being able to look at them without feeling like they will get me.

The Baltimore Aquarium was a lot of fun.  It gives you the chance to feel like a child again.  I think there’s a little something for everybody there. So if you have a few hours to explore while at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, then get your ticket and enjoy nature indoors!

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