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How Does The $20 Trick in Las Vegas Work?

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A lot happens in Sin City but as they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except that the $20 Las Vegas trick has leaked out. Well, it has been an open secret for a long time.

Just what exactly is the $20 Vegas hack?

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I first saw this tip via Tik Tok. Of course, what isn’t on Tik Tok these days. But, I honestly thought that it was a joke!

Simply said, it is the easiest way to get an upgrade to your room in any or most of the Vegas hotels.

Like the forbidden fruit, which is sweeter when eaten in secrecy, the 20-dollar bill trick is best when done under the pretense of “see no evil talk no evil.”

Is this one of the “illegal” Vegas hacks? It is not. In the Sin City circles, it is considered normal. It is also considered as tipping in advance.

If it is okay, why the secrecy? It is because it appeals to our false sense of self-importance. You see, in Vegas, everyone thinks they are smarter than everyone!

Thus, even though we know everyone is doing the trick, we like to think we are the only ones doing it, and that we are far smarter than the others.

If you want the fine things of life, it is all about the Benjamins. In this case, a simple 20 bucks could get you a room upgrade or other extras. 

Or perhaps not! 

To some extent, it is not always going to work. 

Is the $20 Las Vegas Trick Worth It In 2021?

Yes, it is. In Vegas, many freebies are drying up. These include things like free drinks, free parking and so on.

But a freebie is not only a free drink. It can be as good as getting a room with a good view of The Strip. In any case, even when the freebies do eventually dry up, you will feel like the good guy for tipping in advance.

Because of the waning freebies, most people wonder whether this Vegas hack still works. Yes, it does!

Another thing that people wonder about is where the trick is, after all, it is just money exchanging hands for favors.

Well, the “sandwich” style of passing the Jackson is the trick. Years ago, when registering at a hotel, visitors would give their driving license and credit card. In between the two, they would insert a 20-dollar bill discreetly.

They would then ask whether they could get an upgrade, views, and other extras. Even the suspense that grips you between the moment of passing the sandwich and the booking desk agent typing busily on their computer counts for something.

It is a purgatory of sorts where your soul doesn’t know whether it will rejoice or be damned. If the customer service agent looks up and smiles, it feels as if you have hit the jackpot.

If they hand back the money, it means there is nothing they can do. Usually, you will be advised to pay for a room upgrade. After all, it is only $20 so it can only get you so much at best.

Why the $20 Las Vegas Trick Might Not Work

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First, this Vegas hack has been around for so long. However, the value of the Jackson has not kept up with the times.

Honestly, apart from making us feel good about ourselves, the $20 cannot achieve much in today’s economy. The price differences between the rooms are big, so getting an upgrade for twenty bucks will be hard.

Thus, it is always advisable to use this trick with an open mind. Better yet, pay for a room that meets your basic expectations so that you can still have some fun even if the Jackson trick fails.

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