How Much Will it Cost You to Travel to Egypt

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So you have decided that you are going to travel to Egypt this year. As you look online and begin to look at your paycheck, you then ask, what exactly is it going to cost to travel to Egypt?

As you continue to browse popular travel saving sites and add up the expenses, you then start to second guess your earlier decision and eventually look for a quick weekend getaway to Miami.

Trust me I get it! This is where real decisions are made. Can I travel to another country or is it too expensive? The most expensive part of travel is typically the cost of the flight. When you make up your mind and decide on your next destination, more than likely, you are trying to find the best flight deal first and everything else secondary.

I strive to not only inspire people, young and old, to get out and see the world, but I also want to stress that travel does not have to be overwhelming or unaffordable! Sometimes it just takes a little bit of planning ahead.

If you have decided that Egypt is your next destination, then I hope to give you a good idea of what an 8 day trip to Egypt may look like for one person. Of course, my expenses will differ from yours but sometimes the visualization of what may be expected can help!

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My Cost of Travel to Egypt

My breakdown in expenses is based on an 8 day/7 night trip to Egypt. I have included not only what it costs me to get there but also what I spent in country.

Make sure keep reading to the end as I have 4 helpful money tips to keep your travel costs in Egypt low so you don’t overspend.

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Also, I paid for my trip over the course of 8 months! I planned ahead, and saved monthly. Again, travel does not have to be expensive! Put something aside every month that works for your budget. It took me 8 months to prepare while it may take you shorter or longer. It doesn’t matter! Travel is what you make it, but I encourage you take the chances you can to go somewhere new.


In my experience, the most expensive part of travel is the costs of a flight.  If you are traveling to a destination known for expensive flights, the further in advance you can book, the better deal you will receive.

Below is my total cost of a round Trip flight from Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.) to Cairo, Egypt VIA Delta & Air France.  This flight deal was booked about 6 months in advance.  This was also a group flight deal with over 10 people.

Keep that in mind if you are planning a group trip! Many airlines, or booking saving sites, such as Expedia or Priceline, will offer a flight discount if booking as a group!

 Total: $797.01 USD


My trip was booked through a travel agency, Memphis Tours. The All inclusive travel Package included hotels (double occupancy), cruise, most meals, all transportation, tour guides, entry into the tourist sights (i.e. pyramids, temples, museums), and in country flights & Visa Entry.

Total: $725.00 USD
About $90/day


Not bad so far, right? Stick with me. The cost of the flight to travel to Egypt and tour package covered the MAJORITY of my trip! But, as always, most places want you to spend more money. Don’t be easily persuaded! If you know that you won’t spend any extra, then you have your total right above.

On the contrary, even if you are pretty good at budgeting, you may want to consider shelling out some extra money for more experiences. When is the next time you will be at the Pyramids?


I brought exactly $300 USD cash for frivolous spending.  My extra spending cash covered my souvenirs, excursions, tipping, water and extra meals (If I needed it).

Excursions are the extras of a trip that can make it an even better experience. Excursions are also optional and can tact on unnecessary fees if you are vacationing on a budget. Don’t ever feel obligated to take the excursions that the tour company will try to persuade you into buying.  

In Egypt, there are so many bonus experiences that one can purchase. If you are staying in Cairo, there’s a light show at the great pyramids. Or, if you visit the Great pyramids but want to venture inside, yes, that will cost you as well. In Luxor, take an early morning hot air balloon ride to look above all the wonderful sights.  The list goes on!

However, be careful when adding on excursions. I personally found some to be ridiculously overpriced and not worth it. Again, if you are trying to travel on a budget, your experience is still going to be just as great! You’re in Egypt after all, one of the greatest ancient civilizations that has ever existed!

The following is what I spent while in Egypt:
  • Nubian Village – Visiting the Nubian Village in Aswan.
    Total: $45 USD
  • 4-Wheeling in Cairo – Taking a 4-wheel out and riding around the Pyramids of Giza.
    Total: $65 USD

My Total Excursions Cost = $110 USD


I spent roughly $180 of my $300 on souvenirs, tipping, extra food, & bottled water.  I am very thrifty 😉 Plus, I waited to get souvenirs towards the end of the trip. This helped to ensure I didn’t over spend. I also did not want to weigh my luggage down during the trip with items I bought.

My Total Souvenirs Cost = $180 USD

My Total Travel Expenses for Egypt

Let’s get this added up! For an 8 day trip, I spent a total of…

  • Flight ($797.01)
  • Tour Package ($725)
  • Excursions ($110)
  • Souvenirs ($180)

Total approximate amount spent on Egypt trip = $1,702.01

How did I do? Keep in mind that costs will fluctuate due to the time of year and when you book! Of course, waiting to the last minute to book will usually mean a higher cost. The cost to travel to Egypt can be affordable!

Money Saving Tips For Egypt Travel


I always find that when I bring cash, I stick to this cash budget. You don’t have to buy everything! Although you can use major credit cards, I just wasn’t comfortable swiping my card in a foreign country. However, never carry all of your cash with you at once! Make sure to put it in secure places in your locked luggage. Pick pocketing can happen anywhere. I’d hate for you to get all of your money swiped at one time.


Trust me. Just don’t do it.  I believe I exchanged only $40 USD for Egyptian pound and mostly ended up using my American money.  Again, the USD is worth so much more for the exchange rate and many vendors would prefer it. BEWARE, if you exchange too much, they WILL NOT exchange it back. At least that’s what we were told. You have been warned.

Not sure of the exchange rate? Check HERE to get live current exchange rates.


Tipping is a common courtesy of travel. If you have a tour guide, or receive help with luggage to your hotel room, it is always a nice gesture to give a tip.  In your cash stash, make sure you bring single bills.  This will make it very easy to tip quickly as you go. If you are out in public, even the bathroom attendants want a tip. So, be prepared. Plus, you are a tourist so many people will expect it. Never feel obligated to give but it’s always nice when you can.


Everything is negotiable. Now I’m not talking about going to a store where the prices are fixed. I’m referring to if you are buying from an Egyptian street vendor in the tourist areas, then never take the first price given to you. Be polite, but see if you can work out a deal.

If you are uncomfortable negotiating then ask your tour guide to assist. Typically, the guides will prefer to stay out of negotiating souvenirs for their clients, but they will help as it can become overwhelming especially with multiple vendors trying to sell to you at the same time.

Remember, the sellers are trying to make a living and feed their families. Don’t insult them by offering too low!

I hope laying out my personal trip costs helps you decide if Egypt is your next travel destination! The cost of travel to Egypt does not have to be a daunting thing. Plan ahead and do what works best for your budget. It’s definitely an experience worth having!

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