10 Must Pack Items Every Woman Needs to Bring to Egypt

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If you’re looking for some travel tips as you pack for Egypt, then here’s a list of 10 items that you should make sure are in your luggage! I compiled this list based on my own experience and some of the items that were hard to come by during my stay.

It’s not that Egypt does not have these items in the country, but, if you have an action-packed itinerary as I did, there may not be much down time to venture out and locate these items. Plus, depending on your location, if you wander outside of the tourist areas, then it may not be as simple to locate a general store.

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I specify this Egypt packing list for women, as most items are geared towards a woman’s needs, however, many items can be used by men as well who will be traveling to Egypt!

Here’s What You Need to Pack For Egypt:

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1. Wash Cloth Towels

Pile of multi-color hand towels

I use wash towels daily. Therefore, I always travel with my own stash. When you have long flights, or extended layovers, freshening up is a must. 

I don’t know what is was about getting wash cloths in Egypt, but this was HARD to get! The hotel and the cruise staff did not originally provide these in the bathrooms as they do here in the States. When we asked, it seemed to be a confusion of what the little square towels were. If you need some, make sure to be specific when asking. Luckily, I always travel with my own wash cloths, so I didn’t have to beg.

2. Bug Spray

I traveled to Egypt during March, so I didn’t really have an issue with bugs and I am a mosquito magnet! Bug spray is always a great item to have with you. Depending on what your travel adventures entail and the time of year, bug spray should be in your bag.

If you don’t want to carry a can of bug spray around, then I suggest purchasing an aerosol can of Sawyer Products Permethrin Premium Clothing Insect Repellent. This stuff is the bomb! Spray your clothes before you leave for a vacation, and you should have little problems with bugs. Plus it last a long time!

3. Flip Flops

Bring a cheap pair of flip flops for the shower or just for lounging around. I always bring a pair of cheap flip flops when I travel especially for the shower.  After living in a dorm during college and having the luxury of communal showers, I never use showers outside of my home without something on my feet.  This gives me a peace of mind.

In your down time, having flip flops for lounging makes your stay away from home a bit more relaxing.  When you are out all day on the town exploring and wearing tennis shoes, you need to let the feet breathe.  As an added bonus, a pair of flip flops take up minimal space in your luggage!

4. Anti-Diarrhea Pills

Bridesmaid star Melissa McCarthy saying it's coming out of me like lava giphy

Gross right?

Let’s be honest, having diarrhea away from home is the absolute worst! Be prepared! Most likely, you won’t get diarrhea, but there is a higher chance especially when you are eating foods that you are not used to. What if you accidentally drink the local water?  This is not to discourage you from being adventurous in your food choices. All I’m saying is, this is a different country and it’s not uncommon to get a case of the bubble guts.

5. Bring a Head Scarf to Egypt Just in Case

Female black travel blogger at the Aswan High Dam
In front of the Aswan High Dam in Aswan, Egypt!

If you are traveling to Egypt, then you should already be aware that this is a Muslim majority country. If your plan is to visit an Islamic Mosque, females, you must be covered! Bring a scarf that you can keep in your purse or wrap around you so that you have it readily available.

I did not visit a mosque so I did not have to worry about this. In all honesty, we were never encouraged to cover ourselves while we were out in public. At no point did our guide or anyone else explain what to wear in Egypt for women.

As you see in my photo above, I kept my clothing choices very modest and although all of my hair is not covered here, I did wrap up my hair. Mainly because I was having a bad hair day but also because I believe if you are visiting a new culture, you should be respectful of their customs. 

I feel Egypt was very lenient with their tourists. We were able to wear what we wanted without repercussion. Even though my travel group had no issues, I definitely encourage you to be modest and respectful. Use your best judgement but I say you should absolutely pack a scarf for Egypt; One that is big enough to cover your head and shoulders.

6. Charge Converter & Plug Set

If you are traveling from the U.S., then you will need a charge converter and adapter.  The outlet plugs in Egypt are different from your standard plug that is used in the United States.  I bought a converter/adapter plug pack from Walmart and it worked out great! It comes with multiple converters so it’s a great investment for all of your travels abroad and not just Egypt.

Egypt uses Type C and Type F  plug types.

From Walmart, I purchased this International converter and plug set HERE.

7. Lotion

As you can imagine, it is very sandy and dusty in many places in Egypt. If you are bringing sandals for your daily tours, bring some lotion. Otherwise, you WILL look ashy.

8. Sanitary Pads

Ladies, don’t be alarmed, Egypt does have feminine products in local stores. But, if you are touring all day, you’ll be taking a lot of trips to remote places without immediate access to buying what you need.  If you know Aunt Flo is scheduled to come, then bring your own to carry with you in your daily travel bag.

9. Toilet Paper and Wet Wipes

Your hotel will have toilet paper but if you need to go while out on your tour, it’s hard to come by.  Most public restrooms may not have toilet paper.  If they do, be prepared to pay/tip for some toilet paper.

Ladies, make sure you pack wet wipes and/or tissue paper for Egypt. This will absolutely come in handy while you are out on the town. 

10. Hand Sanitizer

Certain necessities we are used to in the states are not as prevalent and sometimes, running water is an issue as well. This is a so called, “Third World Country,” so keep some hand sanitizer with you to clean off your hands as needed.

There you have it! Your Egypt packing list travel tips for your next adventure. These are the 10 items I highly recommend you include as you pack for Egypt. These packing essentials will come in handy as well as keep you prepared!

Safe Travels!

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