How To Save Money on Luxury Bus Travel From Georgia to Florida

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Thinking about traveling for the holidays or need a quick, inexpensive getaway? I have the perfect travel savings tip for you! If you are not crazy about driving to your destination and spending hundreds of dollars for round trip flights, then you may need to take a look at RedCoach!

What is RedCoach

You may have seen the ads on Facebook or on YouTube about the bus that claims to provide luxury travel for as low as $15 a trip. RedCoach is a bus service based in Florida that specializes in inexpensive, luxury bus travel.

In May 2010, RedCoach began operating in key cities in Florida such as Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville. Travelers are able to board a coach bus and travel first or business class without the added first or business class fees.

RedCoach Luxury Bus Coach in Florida
RedCoach Bus operating in the state of Florida and Georgia.

RedCoach provides a safe and comfortable ride, on-board entertainment as well as wifi connectivity for your mobile devices and personal computers. Not only this, but you are able to bring 2 Checked bags and 1 carry on bag at no extra cost. Sounds pretty good, right?

Now, RedCoach has began operating in Atlanta, Georgia. If you are traveling from Florida and would like to visit the Peach State, you are just a bus trip away. Same as if you are traveling from Atlanta, it is just a bus ride away from your Florida vacation destination.

My Trip from Atlanta to Orlando On the Luxury Travel Bus

Atlanta,Georgia and Orlando,Florida on State map

Mid-November of 2019, I decided to take RedCoach for a ride. My curiosity of traveling on a luxury bus with reclining seats and ample leg room was at a high. I am no stranger to bus travel; I have taken many trips via Megabus and Greyhound and although it has served it’s purpose, none have made the same claims as RedCoach to provide a luxury travel experience.

My tickets were purchased online about 2 weeks ahead of my scheduled departure. Booking on the site was relatively simple and easy to use. I plugged in where I was coming from and my desired destination. Next, I chose the time that fit my schedule based on the available travel times of RedCoach.

In Atlanta, the pickup location is at the MARTA Civic’s Center Station downtown. I left on a Wednesday morning for scheduled pickup at 8:30AM and arrival to Orlando at 4:10 PM. My confirmation ticket suggested to be at the pickup location 15-20 minutes early. Since Atlanta is still a relatively new location, as a result there were only 4 people picked up! Not bad considering the bus holds 27 people.

The morning of departure, RedCoach sent an email notification so thatI could track the arrival of the bus in real time. This email also included all of the scheduled stops the bus is going to make along the way. This is an excellent feature provided by RedCoach! Even though the bus was about 20 minutes late, I knew exactly where the bus driver was and when he was going to arrive.

On the bus

RedCoach Bus coach Inside Look at leather seats

I must admit, this was an extremely comfortable ride! I got on with one personal item and one checked bag. The seats are cushioned and made of leather. I was able to fully recline my seat without worry of invading someone’s space behind me.

There is a bathroom on the coach as well which is great if you are taking small children on long trips. Although the driver does have scheduled stops where you are able to hop off and use the bathroom, it’s comfort in knowing you can go without waiting.

My only complaint is the on-board WiFi did not work! I did ask the driver once we stopped if it was turned on but at no point did the WiFi work going to Orlando or coming home. I suggest if you plan to at least check work emails on your computer, then just be aware that the WiFi may or may not work so don’t depend on it!

The RedCoach driver was nice and friendly. We made one stop at a Pilots gas station before crossing into Florida. There, we were able to get food, use the restrooms, and stretch our legs for about 30 minutes as the driver refueled the bus.

Arriving in Orlando and Taking a Shuttle to Hotel

My RedCoach bus arrived at the RedCoach Station in Orlando, Florida around 4:00PM, 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Since I was going to Orlando to spend time at Universal Studios, RedCoach offers shuttle service directly to your hotel! Orlando is a major tourist destination and people travel from all over to visit Disney World and Universal Studios, so providing shuttle service to the hotels and resorts is a major plus.

I checked in at the station and waited for a smaller shuttle van to drive us to our hotel. My shuttle to the hotel I was staying at was prearranged when I booked my tickets. For the Orlando destination, you are able to select a specific hotel if you are needing transportation there.

Money-Saving Tips for Luxury Travel On a Bus

Shark Tank Kevin Oleary Gif How Much?

I booked a round trip ride via RedCoach. For my ride from Atlanta to Orlando plus the shuttle to my hotel for 2 people was $203.00. This price included a 15% discount off my total purchase for the first time riding with RedCoach!

Since my first trip, I booked another round trip fare to Orlando for a total of $20! Yes, Round trip, only 20 bucks for one person. This time, I booked my trip about 1 month in advance compared to the last time I only booked about 2 weeks out.

Depending on the time of year and desired locations, you can find cheaper deals and snag a $15 bus ride! If you follow RedCoach on Instagram (@redcoachusa), a lot of time you can catch a discount by viewing their Instastories.

Also, if you are a Florida or Georgia college student, this is a great way to travel home and stay on budget. RedCoach ALWAYS offers a 10% student discount when you book online!

RedCoach Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

Currently, RedCoach goes to the following locations:

  • Atlanta (Only Georgia Location)
  • Tallahassee Downtown
  • Tallahassee FSU
  • Jacksonville
  • Gainesville UF
  • University Of Central Florida
  • Orlando
  • Ocala
  • Tampa Downtown
  • Tampa USF
  • Ft Myers FGCU
  • Ft Pierce
  • Naples
  • Pompano Beach
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • West Palm Beach
  • Miami Airport

Would I recommend Luxury Travel with RedCoach?

If you are a Florida or Metro Atlanta resident, I would highly recommend taking a ride on RedCoach! I have honestly not been on any other bus so far that has been this comfortable. RedCoach offers a great service and my experience was enjoyable both times.

Personally, I would prefer to grab a flight rather than travel 8+ hours on a bus, but this affordable option is a great alternative to travel to Florida if you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

I do hope RedCoach expands their services to more locations. This would be a great inexpensive alternative if the company offered even more destinations at some point. So if you’re in Atlanta, grab a ticket on RedCoach and take a luxury travel trip to the sunshine state!

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