Popular Social Media Dance Video Challenge is Global Sensation

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Not only has a pandemic changed our lives and kept everyone at home but currently the #ToosieSlide has also taken over the world and become a global sensation!

The Champagne Papi has done it again! While quarantined in his Canadian mansion, Drake dropped the single “Toosie Slide”on April 3rd and it has Tik Tok lovers, Drake fans, and just about everyone going wild.

If you have not yet seen the newest dance craze that has taken over the internet in the past 2 weeks, then what have you been doing?

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This catchy song with a few simple dance moves has given people all around the world a reason to dance during a pandemic. The song inspired Drake to start the #ToosieSlideChallenge and so many have already put their own unique spin on the dance sensation.

Before you make your own video, check out some of these #ToosieSlideChallenge dance moves from all over the world. Keep watching until the end to find out who the dance video challenge winners are!

"Right foot up, left foot slide. Left foot up, right foot Slide". Drake Toosie Slide TikTok Dance Video Challenge

A Dance Video Challenge Worldwide

First, take a look at two dancers from Turkey as they the dance to the Toosie Slide challenge!

Turkey 🇹🇷

India 🇮🇳

Georgia, USA 🇺🇸

Virginia, USA 🇺🇸

Ghana 🇬🇭

“Right foot up, left foot slide. Left foot up, right foot Slide”

Spain 🇪🇸

California, USA 🇺🇸

Russia 🇷🇺

And the Winner is…

Uganda 🇺🇬

Last but not least, the Masakakidsafricana of Uganda were declared the winners of the #ToosieSlideChallenge!

Undoubtedly, The Masaka children have truly taken the dance video challenge to the next level and amplified this to the global sensation that it has become. As a result, they will have the opportunity to meet Drake and show him their dance moves.

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#toosieslide @masakakidsafricana💃🇺🇬 Please tag @champagnepapi – Have a nice weekend to you all ❤️ Please tag friends 🙏❤️ – Song:🎵 #toosieslide @champagnepapi #toosieslidechallenge _ #StayHome #Staysafe #masakakidsafricana #danceriseandshine #drake #masakakids @toosie @ogleloo @teo @ozmusiqe #drakechallenge #themhitsdontmakenosense #drakemusic #quarantine #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill

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