Where to Feed a Giraffe in Nairobi, Kenya

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Kenya. The heartbeat of Africa. An east African country that has a one of a kind culture, a rich history, and a natural wildlife that you only see at the zoo in every other place in the world. In the south-central region of the country you find Nairobi; A bustling city with nightlife, a national park, and home to zebras, giraffes, and more!

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Are you traveling to Kenya and looking for things to do? If your Kenyan travel journey includes a few days in the capital city of Nairobi, then head to the Giraffe Centre! Spend a few hours to learn about the wildlife and conservation efforts Kenya is doing and of course, feed some giraffes!

Giving to a Non-Profit Organization in Kenya

The Giraffe Centre gate with AFEW in Nairobi, Kenya
Things to do in Kenya: The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, Kenya

The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, Kenya was founded by a non-profit organization known as the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW). AFEW aims to educate the community locally and abroad of the issues faced with wildlife and the environment.

The ticket you purchase for entry into the park is donated directly to the organizations efforts in Kenya. This is not only the perfect stop for a family or school children, but also for anyone that appreciates wildlife and preserving their existence!

Travel Blogger at the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, Kenya feeding a giraffe
Black Travel Blogger Feeding thea Giraffe at The Giraffe Centre
Feeding the Giraffe’s at The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, Kenya

As you enter the park, walk towards the gates that separate the guests from the giraffes. You will find buckets of animal feed and a washing station to clean your hands.

Don’t be afraid! Grab a few pellets, hold your hand out flat, and feed a giraffe.

View of crowd and one giraffe being fed by visitors at Giraffe Centre Nairobi
View of crowd at Giraffe Centre Nairobi
Sign at the Giraffe Centre with the Vision and mission statement.
The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (Kenya)
Vision: A world living in harmony with nature
Mission: Enhancing resilience in sustainable environmental conservation and education.

Walk up to the club house to stand eye level with a giraffe and to gaze out at the crowds. There’s also live educational presentations.

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📍Nairobi, Kenya – 🦒 Outside Giraffe Manor

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Familiar with popular Instagram picture taking spot Giraffe Manor? You are steps away! The Giraffe’s that you see in the Giraffe Centre are the same ones the roam over to Giraffe Manor. They poke their heads through the windows for a unique experience.

Ways to Get Involved with Nairobi Giraffe Centre

Sign that has Giraffe and words "Please watch out for headbutts"
Giraffe Center poster, “Please watch out for headbutts”

There are many ways to get involved. Interested in donating? Check out the Giraffe Centre’s site for more information on ways to help while in Nairobi or from home.

Visit the to learn more!

Backside view of giraffe as the animal feeds on the grass.
At Giraffe Centre Nairobi, Kenya

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