Eating BeaverTails in Toronto

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There’s nothing more Canadian than eating the tail of a beaver. It’s flat, cooked to perfection, and best when served hot. Not only is the beaver Canada’s National animal but also an iconic delicacy.

Wait — did you think I mean’t a real beaver’s tail? No, I’m talking about the one that is made of pastry dough, deep fried and then topped with whatever sweet treats your heart desires.

BeaverTails in Downtown Toronto Location on Queen's Quay
145 Queen’s Quay W | Pier 6, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2H4, Canada

A Legendary Canadian Classic

A classic Canadian dessert that is sure to ignite the foodie in you and excite your taste buds!

If you’re on your way to Toronto and need to add something to your To Do List, then I suggest you make sure to add BeaverTails to your list of things to do! Beaver Tails is a Canadian-based chain pastry shop that opened it’s doors in 1978 in Killaloe, Canada.

I discovered BeaverTails while on-board the City Sightseeing, hop-on hop-off tour bus. Our guide recommended that we check it out. I visited the store on Queens Quay in Toronto. It’s a small, bright red shop that you can’t miss if you wanted.

Cookies and Cream BeaverTail
Cookies and Cream BeaverTail From Pier 6, Toronto, Ontario

There’s so many different options of BeaverTail’s to choose from! If you want to keep it simple, start with The Classic, a BeaverTail with cinnamon and sugar. Craving more sweetness? There’s Apple Pie, Brownie, and even a S’more’s Beaver Tail!

MooZoo at BeaverTails
MooZoo Creamery at BeaverTails

Aside from the fried pastry, you can also keep it traditional, and grab some authentic Canadian poutine! Top it off with one of their signature beverages, or a Beavertail Sundae!

So if you’re in Toronto and having a sweet tooth, add BeaverTails to your itinerary and make sure to check out the iconic Canadian doughnut!

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