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Why You Should Visit the Houston Color Factory Museum Solo for Some Colorful Fun

Earlier this year, I set out to the great state of Texas for a well-needed getaway. I didn’t just go for a weekend or a few days, I stayed for over a month! So far, I had only visited Dallas, so my heart was set on heading further south to Houston. I booked an extended stay Airbnb, packed up my car, and hit the road by myself for an adventure.

One of the things I love to do in new cities is to check out museums. Whether it’s science, history, or modern art, if it’s a museum I haven’t been to, I want to go. I believe it is super important to learn something in your travels. Houston offers so much rich history and there are many museums around the city that you can explore.

If you’re looking for a fun activity that you can do by yourself and get some great Instagram pictures, then you need to add the Color Factory to your to-do list. For a little over $30, you can experience an interactive museum that you won’t forget. Here’s why I think you will have the best time at the Color Factory by yourself!

Take your time. There’s no rush!

Traveling with other people can occasionally cramp your style. One of the greatest benefits of going solo is you don’t have to wait on someone else! It takes about 45 minutes to get through the entire exhibit and actively interact in each room. Similar to Willy Wonka, you can only go forwards and you can’t go backward.

I spent about an hour going through the exhibit rooms. Some exhibits I found to be fun and others I breezed right through. This was early February 2021, so Covid-19 protocols were still being heavily enforced. There’s is an exhibit where you were to smell different scents. Even though it was not a busy day, I skipped this room. They encouraged you to open your mask slightly to sniff but I found it to be difficult.

It’s practically empty during the day time

The Color Factory enforces timed entry slots. If you choose your day and time right, you will have free range of the exhibit rooms!

I had a planned vacation day off from work so I had the time. Two days in advance, I booked for a Friday at 9:30 AM time slot. I arrived about 20 minutes earlier than scheduled, and to my benefit, I was able to start my tour with absolutely no lines and no waiting to go through the rooms.

Check your calendar and if you are able, book your tour during the off hours. If you book during the week, typically before noon you have a greater chance of it not being too crowded. Which means more time to linger and take multiple uninterrupted photos. The weekend your only option? Opt for an early morning tour or the last tour time of the day.

Most Color Factory exhibit rooms have a photo capturing element

I know you’re wondering how can I get those popular Instagram shots that you see everywhere. Guess what. Color Factory has the coolest photo technology that allows anyone that tours the opportunity to have their photos taken without help!

When you enter the first exhibit room, you grab a Color Factory circular card and program it with your email address. This card enables you the ability to use stationary cameras that are strategically placed throughout some of the exhibits. You place your card on the sensor, a 5-second countdown, and boom, a high-quality photo is taken without anyone else being there. A solo travelers dream!

Take as many photos as you want and, as long as no one is waiting, you can take your time to find the right pose. After you finish the museum tour, all of the photos you captured are sent directly to your email at no extra cost.

The employees at Color Factory are there to help

If you’re one of those that want your pictures taken on your phone, don’t worry. In every exhibit, there are employees that are happy to help. For the rooms that don’t have stationary cameras, ask one of the employees to snap your pic!

You’ll also find that some exhibits do require a partner. Don’t fret. If you are by yourself, one of the employees will step in to help you get your full experience. In the “You are Magic” room, I needed a partner to help light it up. Luckily, someone was there to step in and help me out. Of course, if you are not interested in making friends with strangers, just keep going to the next room.

Gif of Two woman at the Color Factory Museum with You Are Magic exhibit
“You Are Magic” Exhibit Room

You get gifts and sweet treats throughout the experience

If you’re not convinced yet that you need to check out the Color Factory on your own, then hopefully this will be an added benefit.

As you advance through the museum, you get a colorful dessert that you can take with you. I was able to grab some popcorn, gummy treats, black ice cream, and Mochi! Along with some yummy treats, you’ll also get to pick a gift at the end of your tour.

It’s fun and builds confidence!

Yes, it’s actually a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect and if I would even enjoy myself going alone, but I had an absolute blast. If you can’t enjoy your own company, then you’re not living life to the fullest. In my experience, I find that people are nicer and when you go places by yourself, people are more willing to give you a helping hand. The Houston staff was kind and any time I handed someone my phone, they happily (or, faking happy) took my phone and took multiple pictures.

Solo travel is one of the best confidence boosters! If you’re not ready to go all-in or a bit introverted, then try going out to a few places on your own and see if you like it. Color Factory is fun for groups but it’s also tailored to be enjoyed by yourself.

Color Factory inside the entrance

Thinking about heading to Color Factory now? Go online to book your time slot and go have some fun. Currently, Color Factory is in Houston and New York City so although the exhibits differ based on location, you’ll still have a memorable experience.

Grab an Uber or Lyft to the Upper Kirby neighborhood of Houston and check it out for yourself!

Why You Should Visit the Houston Color Factory Museum Solo for Some Colorful Fun
Why You Should Visit the Houston Color Factory Museum Solo for Some Colorful Fun
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Why You Should Visit the Houston Color Factory Museum Solo for Some Colorful Fun
This article is about a solo female travelers' experience visiting the Color Factory Museum in Houston, Texas, and why it's the perfect place to go alone!
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