2 Nights Stay at the Sekenani Tented Camp

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Heading to Kenya and thinking of staying at a camp for your safari adventures? Add the Sekenani Tented Camp to your travel bucket list! The Sekenani camp offers a truly unique camping experience for the adventurous and outdoor lover.

I stayed at the Sekenani Tented Camp located in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in September 2018. I have never been camping and don’t consider myself a true outdoors woman. However, staying at this camp has given me an appreciation for a more luxurious outdoor tent stay. I don’t plan to rough it in a tent anytime soon, but I’d definitely come back to this camp!

Traveler Lenzee at the sekenani camp in Kenya

Staying in a Tent

When you arrive to Sekenani and check in, the staff escorts you to your tent. The tents are nicely spread out so you have a good bit of privacy.

All the rooms came with basic accommodations, a desk, bed(s) and a bathroom. Each room has hard wood floors and a full length bath tub.

Since this is a tent, you are given a traditional padlock and key to lock your tent up during the day and night.

If you’re lucky, or perhaps unlucky, you’ll be able to see wildlife from the comfort of your room! When we came back from a day of game driving, we had elephants casually strolling in the back of our tent. It does not get any cooler than this. They were at a safe distance so we didn’t have to worry but when is the last time you saw an elephant outside your window?

Elephant freely roaming from tent balcony


The staff at Sekenani Camp are absolutely amazing. From the first day we arrived to the last day, they made sure everyone was happy and well taken care of.

There are many staff members that keep the camp running smoothly each day. The staff always made us feel well taken care of. However, there was one person in particular that made sure to check in with us each day and help in anyway she could. Natalia was a face we saw every day. She was truly wonderful and always wore a smile.

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Meet Natalia: “You will find me mostly behind the bar at Sekenani Camp, but I also help out as a waitress. I go by the name of Natalia Kiprop Jepchirchir. I can make you drinks with or without alcohol. And guests, who cherish their coffee, said that I make a mean cup of coffee and they kept coming back for more. The staff in the camp often do more than one job. We like to help out where it is needed. That is because we are not only colleagues but also kind of family. And within a family one always helps the other. I am not a Maasai but in my years in the Masai Mara I have learned to dance like one. My Sekenani family has taught me their dances and it is great fun to perform every now and then for the guests. I hope you will come and dance with us one day.” 😊 #sekenanicamp #hospitality #maasaimara #safaristyle #bushlife #lodge #tentedcamp #treatyourself #adventure #africanbush #passionforfood #bartender

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Electricity at the Camp

If you are looking to stay somewhere with the same luxuries you have at home, then I advise you to look somewhere else. The camp had strict timing on the electricity usage. You can expect to have power only in the morning hours and again in the evening. In all honesty, you will hardly be in your room especially if you have an all day game drive scheduled.

There is also WiFi! If you need to get online, you can go to the Camp lobby to connect. But please enjoy the camp! There’s no better time to disconnect from the everyday distractions and enjoy nature than this time. I only connected to let my family know I was safe, other than that, I put my phone away.

Food at the Camp

Buffet serving station

The camp serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the specified times to all guests. The onsite chef prepares the food daily and always fresh. The camp also has a garden that is the source of fresh, locally grown foods.

Going on an all day safari and worried about getting food? Don’t panic. The camp has made sure this is not an issue. Before leaving for the day, the chef prepares a packed lunch that you can take with you.


When nighttime comes, the Sekenani Camp has specific guidelines that they encourage their guests to follow. When you first arrive at the camp, you are given a flashlight to keep in your tent. If you need to leave the tent for any reason at night, you are to flash the light through the tent and one of the Maasai Men will come to your tent to escort you through the camp. At no time should you leave the tent at night alone.

Remember, you are only a guest in the animal’s natural habitat. It is not rare that at night, an animal will wander onto the camp facility. Many animals will hunt at night so they are scavenging for food. This is not to discourage you, we did not have any issues but there were definitely a lot of strange noises at night.

Another added touch of hospitality that Sekenani provides is the turn down service; The staff will put a hot water bottle in your bed. During the day it can get very hot but at night when it cools off, it’s nice to have some heat in the bed.


Sit around the fire pit outside the dining hall.

More than likely if you are staying at a camp in Maasai Mara, you are also going on a safari. Staying at the camp makes for a convenient drive to the reserve for a day of gaming. Depending on whether you come with your tour guide or decide to hire one at the camp, a game drive is must!

If you have time and don’t plan to spend each day game driving, you can also enjoy a hot air balloon safari, onsite pool, bush dinner, or enjoy a guided nature walk with a Maasai guide.

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