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How to Adopt an Elephant From Nairobi, Kenya

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As I arrived at the orphanage, I could see a crowd gathered around a roped off dirt arena. People with various backgrounds from all across the world waited for the arrival.

Soon, men in green trench coats began to show themselves inside the roped off muddy pit. With a brief introduction on a loudspeaker microphone, it was almost time!

Shortly after a brief wait, one by one, elephants began to parade out in single file line. The crowd looked in amazement at the sight of young elephants carelessly coming out to be seen by all.

Lenzee at the Nairobi elephant orphanage in Kenya

Elephant Orphanage Kenya

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) is the leading conservation organization that aims to protect and preserve all aspects of wildlife. The orphanage exists in order to protect the future of not only the elephant population but also the rhino population as well. As many are aware, these species of animals are endangered due to poachers and habitat loss due to the human population.

I didn’t really do any research before going to the elephant orphanage. This was part of our tour package while we visited Nairobi. I went with the intent to learn about the orphanage and the work they do.

elephants in mud
elephant tusk

Things to Do in Nairobi

When you attend the orphanage, there will be a conversationalist there to provide information about the animals. There, you learn that they don’t turn away any elephant that they rescue. If an elephant or rhino is rescued due to any unforeseen circumstances, they take the time to nurse them back to health in order to put them back into the wild.

elephant being fed milk by man in green trench coat
elephant feeding time

Sponsoring an Orphan Elephant

If you choose to get involved further, anyone has the option to adopt/sponsor an elephant for $50 USD a year. As a sponsor, if you visit the orphanage during your stay in Kenya, you have the option to visit in the evening after the park closes to the public to help put the elephants to bed!

Thinking about getting involved and need more information? Visit The for updated news, frequently asked questions, and orphanage information! You can help save the elephants in Kenya.

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