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Free Items That Flight Attendants Can Give You on a Flight!

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Oh! The things you miss just because you do not ask!

In an article on Mashable, we see airlines ranked depending on the free snacks that they offer. So, instead of getting a few splashes of soda on ice, be polite and ask for the entire can. You will get it!

Of course, chances are that you will not get all of the things that you ask for, but there is nothing to lose by asking. There is always a chance that the airline you are using gives freebies. So… ask!

No, you don’t even have to give flight attendant tips, well, unless you are flying first class and even then, it is still okay if you don’t.

10 Free Things You Can Get on Your Next Flight! Just Ask!

Before booking your flight with any airline, do some groundwork. Find out what they offer. You will be surprised that while you have been so content with little, other travelers on the same flight are getting the time of their life. This can be you.

1. Ask for a blanket if you are chilly – Delta Airlines

Many airlines stopped offering free blankets to every cabin, but a select few still do. For instance, Delta Airlines still offers blankets to cold passengers. You just have to ask. 

It is also good to note that while Delta offers blankets, it does not offer pillows for everyone. Thus, you might have to pack a pillow in your carry-on luggage.

I have always had luck on Delta by asking for a blanket. At this point, I do bring my own. However, occasionally I have forgotten and the free blanket for a quick flight makes things so much better!

2. Ask for soda and snacks

Airlines are very sneaky when it comes to offering soda. They pour a thumb or two into these small airline cups and because there is ice, you won’t get much soda in there.

Flying is thirsty work! You could drink two or more cans of soda if you could get it. Just ask politely and the flight attendant will make a full can of soda available to you.

Flights carry more than enough soda to go around a few times over for every passenger. The same applies to snacks. They hand out those bags of peanuts so hesitantly, perhaps to make you think there aren’t that many.

If you ask, you could get an extra bag or two of snacks and munch your way through the long-haul flight, at no charge.

3. Ask for sanitary pads

One of the most asked questions on the web is: do airlines give sanitary pads? It depends on the airline.

For instance, in India, sanitary pads are part of the check-off list before every takeoff. Thus, if you get irregular periods, or forgot to put a few in your carry-on, don’t panic.

Just ask an attendant if they can give you sanitary pads and if there are, you will get some, free of charge on your flight. They might not be the same brand that you are used to as most airlines can only give organic and biodegradable ones.

Most airlines pack feminine hygiene products albeit in a limited number. However, while there might be many women on the flight, not everyone will have forgotten to bring their sanitary products.

4. Ask for an extra meal

Big appetite? Perhaps you are on medication that is making you super wolfish or food just loves you, don’t worry!

While flights pack enough food for everyone on board, some people skip their meals. If you have a big appetite, you can always ask whether you can get a second meal. 

Since airlines pay a living wage to crews, there is no need to give the flight attendant tips to get any favors.

5. First aid items

Flying affects people differently. For instance, if you experience headaches, you could ask for pain medication.

All airlines ensure that their flights have full first aid kits all the time. Besides, their crew can offer first aid if a medical emergency occurs mid-flight.

If you have a wound that needs a change of dressing, you can ask for a bandage. These things are usually available on asking.

6. Ask for a refill of your water bottle

You will not go through airport security with liquids, but you can always refill your water bottle at the fountains after you pass the gate.

On a long-haul flight, one bottle might not be enough. Thus, you can ask for a refill of your bottle. This is free of charge and although you can get water anytime, most people fear to ask.

You could also ask for a full bottle of water since most airlines stock their flights with small bottles of water. If you are anxious about drinking airplane tap water, ask for bottled water.

7. Ask for hot chocolate

In the plane, chocolate is hardly an option on the menu, but they always have it. Thus, if you find coffee too dehydrating and airplane tea too bland and tasteless, ask for a mug of hot chocolate. 

8. Get free sanitizer wipes

A Planes interior surfaces are notorious bacteria carriers. Unless you take control of your health in your hands, the notorious Staphylococcus aureus bacteria could be waiting to pounce on you and this bugger is resistant to many antibiotics.

The tray table, the seat, the armrests, and the overhead air vents are some of the most notorious germ carriers in planes. No matter how hard you try to keep away from these spaces, bacteria will pounce on you.

9. Switch to a better seat

If you were not lucky enough to book a good seat with lots of legroom, you can always ask the flight attendant whether you can switch to a better seat if there are empty ones available.

10. Ask for a special menu at no cost

If you are vegetarian or you have special dietary needs, you can ask for a special menu especially when you book your ticket at least 24 hours earlier.

Just Ask the Flight Attendant

You can get quite a few freebies such as complimentary snacks on flights without paying a fee for them. You just need to ask.

What is the worst that could happen? There is everything to gain and nothing to lose from asking for free things to make your flight more enjoyable.

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