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7 Tik Tok Travel Hacks That Are Actually Worth Trying

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It’s almost certain that you have ventured into the Tik Tok universe at least once by now. Whether you’re scrolling through Facebook (or, Meta), Instagram, or even reading a news article, we are being inundated with Tik Toks!

From the hottest social media dance moves to the tips that you may not have known about, Tik Tok is legit. Well, legit sometimes.

Tik Tok Travel is Trending

I personally do not have a Tik Tok user account and I am trying my hardest to not get caught learning a dance. But, even though I don’t have an account, Tik Tok videos have still managed to reach me through my Facebook feed and random internet searches.

One category of Tik Tok that holds my interest more than others is the travel section. There are only so many different ways to pack a carry one, but if you keep looking, I guarantee you’ll come across something you didn’t know.

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With travel being nearly nonexistent in 2020, I think Tik Tok has helped to provide new insights and helpful ways to get just as excited about a new adventure again. If you take the time to search by the #travelhacks or, run across it with the mindless scrolling we do each day, then surely you have seen some interesting stuff.

7 Tik Tok Travel Hacks

Luckily for you, I found some great travel hacks that I think are pretty useful! My list includes free hotel stays, finding inexpensive trips, and some of Amazon’s best items that will make your next trip easier. Keep reading on to see 7 Tik Tok travel hacks that I believe are worth trying out.

1. Player’s Club Card in Las Vegas

Tik Tok creator @brokenstarfish is a longtime Las Vegas resident and employee. She explains how anyone can take advantage of their Vegas vacation by signing up for a Player’s Card!

The trick she provides is for when you come back to Las Vegas. So, this is definitely not an instant gain. This is a tip that will take some time.

While out in Vegas, stop by each of the major hotel chains: MGM, Venetian, and Tropicana, to name a few. Take out a Player’s Club Card at each of the properties that are mentioned in the video. This card is essentially free and can be easily opened with a valid I.D.

Once you have obtained your card(s), it’s time to spend some money! The video explains that with the card, you should aim to play with a minimum of $100. Whether you win or lose, the goal is to play.

Upon your return home, and about 90 days later, you will then be bombarded with mailed offers from these major corporate hotel chains. These offers will range from free rooms, free food, free gambling, etc!

I haven’t tried this one but I know from being in Vegas, they want you to come and spend money. This is something I would give a try but definitely read the fine print when signing up for these cards. The last thing you want to do is get a large bill at the end of the year with unexpected fees. Yikes!

So before you leave Las Vegas, give this a go.

2. Luggage Cup Holder

This is one of the Tik Tok travel hacks that is not only simple but practical! How many times have we bought a drink after getting into the terminal, and then have to rush to our gate for seating? Sometimes, it’s hard enough juggling all of your bags let alone trying to balance your Starbucks drink! You’re carrying your phone in one hand with your mobile plane ticket and a passport in the other.

The cup holder fits nicely on your luggage handle and moves with you. No spills in the airport and your hands are free to maneuver around.

I found some similar ones on Amazon:

3. Amazon Travel Item Must Haves

At this point, don’t we all buy something from Amazon on a weekly basis. Well, while you’re adding to your cart, here are a few more items to include.

This Tik Tok travel hack has items that are sure to take your organization game to the next level. I found all of the items mentioned in the video on Amazon so you don’t have to!

Amazon Must Haves mentioned in order of appearance:

4. Using Skyscanner to Book Cheap Flights

Many avid travelers may already be familiar with this but for those who aren’t “in the know”, this tip can be a major game changer!

Using Skyscanner to find cheap flights has been a pretty consistent source for years. In this video, @lindsaypaigestein lays it out nicely. Here are the easy to follow steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in your home airport/city in the From text box
  3. In the Depart option, select Whole Month, and then select the Cheapest Month Option
  4. In the To text box, type Everywhere
  5. Now, click the Search Flights button, and find book your next cheap flight to the best destination!

5. Pillows Fly for Free

For those that have packed too much, or not enough, here’s a Tik Tok travel hack that will get you through the airport with no extra fees.

If you’re familiar with the carry-on rules, then you know what items you can, and cannot bring with you. One of the items you can freely bring is a pillow! Grab a zip-up pillow, remove the insert, and fill it with the extra clothing that didn’t fit in your suitcase or that didn’t meet the weight requirement.

This tip is nice for some. However, I can see this trend soon becoming a potential issue at airports. Even though all carry-ons will still go through the appropriate security protocols of TSA, it could get out of hand.

Until then, pack a pillow and catch your flight!

6. Portable Lock Box For the Beach


Put your mind at ease with this beach chair lockbox 👙🏝🌞🕶 #travelhacks #lifehacks #beach #traveltiktok

♬ Free Town – Lofi Instrumental Beats Kingz

Traveling to the beach is fun. But trying to conceal all of your personal items can be a chore.

Tik Toker @thehouseofsequins demonstrated using the Aqua Vault lock. This Shark Tank-approved portable lock box is perfect for the beach, or really anywhere! Head to the beach and simply lock your items up and enter a pin code to access your items as needed.

This works perfectly for attaching to a beach chair and/or standing umbrella.

I found some similar ones on Amazon:

7. 3 Tips to Save You Money When Purchaing Plane Tickets

This Tik Toker (@professionaltravler) shows us just how we can book plane tickets without breaking the bank. The idea is to book the best flight at the cheapest price.

I have personally done this and I do find that most of these Tik Tok travel hacks mentioned in the video work out pretty well and consistently!

Here are the 3 tips:

  1. Use Incognito mode when searching for flights. This is easy to do when using Google Chrome.
  2. Be patient! Try not to book your flight too early or too late. ( I do think this may depend on whether it is domestic or international. I find booking as early as possibly for international works out best. Although, it is still possible to book later and find that international flight must cheaper but I find the sooner the better in most cases)
  3. Use the local currency to get the best price.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it! 7 Tik Tok travel hacks that you just may want to give a try. Travel should be fun and enjoyable. As you prepare for your next trip, give these hacks a try and see if it works out for you!

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