My Review with Booking an English Speaking Tour Guide Company in Egypt

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When you travel, do you use a travel company for your arrangements to eliminate the effort of planning the entire trip? Do you appreciate the the knowledge and comfort of having a tour guide that can show you the ropes and make sure you head in the right direction? Or, do you wander about in a new place on your own and hope for an adventure to come to you?

I’ll be honest, I never really liked the idea of travel companies and having a professional tour guide. I felt that they made a trip unnecessarily expensive when you could save money planning things on your own.  I know how to book a flight, book a hotel, and research things to do on Google. What do I need a guide for?

For the most part I still feel this way. I would rather have the flexibility in planning my own adventure and not feeling obligated to go by someone else’s schedule. If I decide to veer away from my own itinerary and choose to sleep in one day, then that’s what I want to do!

However, my mind has slightly changed since returning from a trip to Egypt. For a country like Egypt, with so much history to explore and unknown territory to navigate, I was pleasantly surprised with the tour company my group used.

In a new country where I didn’t speak the native language, using a tour guide throughout the trip was ideal!

Using a Tour Company to Book my Egyptian Holiday

I traveled with a group of about 10 people. None of us had ever traveled to Egypt and no one spoke Arabic. Egypt is a popular tourist destination, so we had no issue finding accommodations and finding a tour company that was fluent in English.

We went with the popular company, Memphis Tours.

Memphis Tours has been in business since 1955. Not only do they specialize in travel to Egypt, but they also have other African and Middle Eastern Destination packages. They have a combination of tours with trip lengths to accommodate your preference.

The travel package we selected was The Best of Cairo and Nile Cruise. This was an 8 day Egyptian adventure that was packed with excitement.

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Memphis Tours tailored a complete package to our liking from the beginning of our trip to the very end. They specialize in private guides. Keep in mind, if you travel as a group, you’re less likely to have disagreements if the itinerary is already set and controlled by someone outside of the group.

How to Book and Pay for Your Egypt Tour Package

Take a look on their online website, especially if you already know where you want to go and for how long. When you are ready to take the next step, simply send an inquiry on their website or simply call the office to discuss your next holiday adventure.

There are agents available to assist with booking arrangements.  Not only that, but you have the ability to pay for your package in installments! No need to come up with the cost all at once.

Entry Visas

Entry Visas for US Citizens.  Your Tour Guide will take care of your Visa at Memphis Tours!

Memphis Tours provided us with phenomenal service from the start of our trip to the end. We were greeted at the airport by our Tour Manager, Eslam, and he made sure we had our Visas upon entry into the country.  From there, he had a van waiting to guide us to our hotel accommodations.

There was no confusion whatsoever once we arrived.  The company made sure getting there was a very simple process and we knew who to look for.

Again, since Egypt is a popular tourist destination, there were many companies waiting in the same area to help guide and assist guests as they made it through customs. You should have no problems finding the right person if you read your packet information before arriving.

A Language Barrier with Our Tour Guide?

There are tourist that come from all over the world to Egypt. The great thing about Memphis Tours is they staff agents and guides that speak many different languages! If you speak Italian, English, Spanish, Arabic, etc., Memphis Tours is able to accommodate you!

When you book your tour, you are able to request a guide that speaks in the language of your your preferred language. The right tour guide(s) is then assigned to your group.  Of course, our tour guides were English speakers so we never had an issue with asking questions or needing translations.

The Tour Guides

During the entire duration of the trip, our Tour Manager, Eslam, was our direct point of contact. He made sure we received everything we needed, provided assistance as needed, and made sure we had his contact info in order to get in touch with him at any time (via WhatApp).

Our other two tour guides were truly amazing as well. If you decide to take a tour using this company, please request these individuals below.  They were extremely intelligent in ancient Egyptian history and gave it to us straight. I appreciated their honesty as we asked questions. They were always willing to go above and beyond to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. I can’t say enough about them but if I were to go back, I would definitely request them again!

In Cairo (Female Tour Guide) – Maha

Luxor & Aswan (Male Tour Guide) – Muhammed
Muhammed stayed with us on the cruise, so he was available at all times.

Getting Around Town

Memphis tours also makes sure that their guest have a safe way of getting around town and to their scheduled tourist destinations on time. For my group, an air-conditioned van, with WiFi, was provided and we had the same driver while in Cairo for our comfort.

Do I Recommend Memphis Tours?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Absolutely! Overall, I would rate my experience with Memphis tours 4 1/2 stars and I highly recommend their services.  They were fair, reasonable, and ensured a great time for the trip. If we had not chosen a tour company, I honestly don’t think we could have gotten around with such ease to all of the temples and locations.  

It’s stress free and great to know that you are guaranteed entry to every monument that you go to. Not only that, but everything is paid for by the time you arrive so the extra money you spend outside of your described package is up to you!

Visit Memphis Tours for booking details HERE

DISCLAIMER: I am not an affiliate of Memphis Tours and I do not receive any compensation if you book with the company.

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