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5 Super Easy Ways To Make Your Travel Instagram Profile Pop

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If you are looking to grow your Instagram following then you already know you need to have a page that stands out! Instagram is still a valuable resource and asset to those that utilize this platform. Whether you have your own business or blog, social media can make or break your travel brand.

As a travel blogger or travel influencer, in 2020, there’s no reason your feed should look wack. The pictures you post and the quality should be pretty high. Even if you are taking most of your photos with your phone, the quality of the photos should be steller. Most phones today offer High-definition (HD) picture-taking quality so unless you haven’t upgraded from your flip phone, you should be good.

In order to rank with the best, you need to look the best! So here are five basic tips that will enhance your travel Instagram game to the max:

1. Travel Instagram Bio

When someone looks at your Instagram bio, they should immediately know that you are a traveler! Your bio should briefly let people know who you are and what you are about. Think of the following as you create yours:

  • Use your name or brand-specific name
  • Use Emojis
  • Add a link to your site
  • Add travel keywords that relate to your niche so people can find you
  • Add humor if that is your personality
  • Use a short quote if it fits your theme (very common)
ChasingWildGusts Instagram page bio

2. Use a Lightroom Preset

This is optional but it does make your feed look pretty cool!

If you have access to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on desktop or mobile, then purchase or create a preset that will make your travel images pop!

Presets offer a unique look to your photos and makes it look consistent throughout. I suggest finding one preset that you can then use for all of your photos. It will make your feed go from looking average, to almost professional.

3. Highlight Icons

Instagram highlights were first introduced in December 2017. This also introduced the use of highlight cover icons.

At this point, if you are not using highlight icon covers, then you are missing an opportunity to stand out. Covers allow you to showcase your own unique aesthetic.

Use your brand colors and fonts, and create icons that describe you and your theme. As you notice above and if you check out my Instagram profile, I went for an aesthetic that was more design focused. The design I chose goes more with my personality and has a unique look.

If you don’t want to make your own, then you’re in luck! I have done the hard part for you. Grab this absolutely FREE download of Instagram highlights icons that you can use for your Instagram page today! If you do use the icons, all I ask is that you tag me on Instagram just so I know how your profile looks! 🙂

11 Free Travel Instagram Highlight Icon Covers

4. Always Tag the Locations and Places You Visit

Any time you post a photo in a place that you have been to, make sure to tag, tag, and tag!

Tag the specific location as well as the Instagram pages of the places you are at. Tag the hotel, the tour company that took you around, the business that you visited, etc. This will help to get you noticed by those companies and they may even reach out to you personally!

You will see below that I visited the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, Canada. I snapped a pic while I was there and made sure to tag the hotel in my photo. They eventually saw my photo, left me a comment, and reposted my picture on their Instagram feed! It’s a small win but just goes to show that you never know who is watching and what offers you may receive.

Instagram Feature with the Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, Canada

5. Follow Instagram Pages that Repost Traveler Photos

This should be a no brainer. If you are trying to build your following and get online recognition, then make sure you are following and tagging Instagram pages that repost travel photos. This is great exposure for you and your travel brand!

There are numerous accounts that will reshare and repost your photos to their large following. I know there are many black travel Instagram pages that I follow and have had my photos posted to their 20k+ followers!

Accounts that repost travelers:

  • @outdoorwoman
  • @travelnoire
  • @dametraveler
  • @girlslovetravel
  • @backpackersintheworld
  • @blacktravelfeed
  • @blackgirlstraveltoo
  • @passionpassport

So, make sure you post your best photos and tag multiple accounts that will possibly share your photo with an audience that you haven’t reached yet!

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