Experiencing Kenya’s Coastal Paradise at Diani Beach Resort

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White sand. Blue waters. Endless drinks. Impeccable Service. These are only a few of the things that describe Baobab Beach Resort in Diani Beach, Kenya.

After flying in from Nairobi, the feeling of relaxation immediately hit as the tropical weather surrounded me. I stayed at the Baobab Beach Resort in September of 2018. Just south of Mombasa, this coastal paradise was more than I could have imagined.

I’m in Paradise

The coast of Kenya is absolutely beautiful. I guarantee that once you visit, you won’t want to leave.

We enjoyed the luxuries of an all-inclusive getaway for three days. This resort came recommended with our tour package from Mara Gates Safari.

During our stay, we noticed that it was mainly occupied by European guests. I would say we were probably the only guests from the United States. To further clarify, we were possibly the only black American guests. However, I say this not to discourage but to share that there are places that Americans may not be aware of. Due to its location, perhaps advertising to Europe is the best option.

Hopefully, by the end of my review, more will consider this as a vacation option.

Flying to Mombasa

The resort is located just south of the city of Mombasa. Mombasa is Kenya’s most popular coastal destination and tourist attraction. If you’re looking to have a beach wedding, enjoy the best in seafood, or just have a relaxing vacation, then adding Mombasa to your Kenya adventure is a must.

Heading to the coast from Nairobi is about a one hour flight. More than likely, you will be flying directly into Mombasa and then driving to your resort. As part of our 7-day trip to Kenya, we arrived in Mombasa on Jambojet after a safari in Maasai Mara.

Mombasa is Kenya’s second-largest city and major seaport. Head a little ways to Dani beach for an amazing coastline and white sands!

Baobab beach resort sign in Kenya

Staying at the All-Inclusive Baobab Resort

All-inclusive resorts provide a stress-free vacation option. Included in the purchase price are your meals, drinks, and some alcoholic beverages. If you have never done all-inclusive, I advise you to try it at least once in your life!

This was my first time staying at a resort and I can honestly say it is one of the best ways to travel! Not having to reach into your pockets for every transaction is such a relief. It’s very easy to overspend when you are on vacation. When you have prepaid for your stay ahead of time, then avoiding your wallet is much easier. I don’t know about you, but I hate the dreaded credit card invoice when I return home from my trip.

Needing to get in touch with family and friends back home? The Baobab Beach Resort provides WiFi access to all guests. I was able to use the WiFi in most areas around the resort and had no issues with reaching my family and checking in as needed on WhatsApp.

sign at baobab diani beach resort

Also, if you are worried about how secure the Diani beach resort is, fear not. At all times of the day, guards are stationed around the resort to ensure safety to all guests. The peace of mind you receive knowing that you are safe is needed. I had absolutely no issues while staying there.

Spacious rooms with privacy

Monkey sitting on second floor baobab resort room

I stayed with 2 other adults in one of the Garden View Room options. A beautiful room with plenty of space and a nice balcony to sit out on. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos to include in the room I stayed in.

There are different room options with views that you can choose from depending on your budget. It’s very important to remember to always close your windows and balcony doors before you leave. Although cute and small, the monkeys that you see in some of the photos can be a bit devious. It’s not uncommon to wake up to one looking in on you through your windows in the morning waiting for the chance to come in and look through your things.

Explore the Restaurants

The food at the resort was plentiful and tasty. Around the resort, there were buffet-style restaurants and a la cart dining options. We mainly ate at Karibu Restaurant. Karibu (meaning ‘Welcome’ in Swahili) offered breakfast, lunch, and dinner in buffet style. There were always more than enough food options and when you are traveling as a group, the buffet style offers something for everybody.

If you crave a taste of home, there is a made to order pizza spot next to the Infinity pool. Grab a personal size pizza with toppings of your choice! You can also check out one of the local restaurants around the resort. We took a complimentary shuttle to Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaraunt.

During the daytime, the resort will also fix hors d’oeuvres throughout the day and set up around the resort. There’s literally no reason that you won’t have enough food.

Deciding on an Excursion

As with any resort, there are many excursions to choose from. If you are not sure where to start, stop by the concierge to get a list of what is offered and book your next adventure. There are many things one can choose, such as jet skiing, big game fishing, windsurfing, and snorkeling!

For $10 USD, I took an adventure out in the Indian Ocean in a small boat guided by a local fisherman and tour guide.

We learned about the marine life in Diani Beach and the techniques some of the fisherman use on a daily basis.

Activities and Entertainment at the Resort

Each day at the resort, there are free activities put on by the animation and dynamic entertainment team. Check the bulletin board to find out what is scheduled for the day. Throughout the day you can take aerobics classes, dance classes, and play fun games. This is great fun for all ages!

Take a dip in one of the infinity pools or walk down to the beach to put your toes in the Indian Ocean!

Evening performance by animation and dynamic entertainment team

In the evening, the entertainment team will put on a show in the theater. Check the showtime and theme and take the family to the show!

If you never looked at Kenya as your vacation getaway, I challenge you to reconsider. The coast has so much to offer and it will be an experience that you are sure to never forget. Head to this coastal paradise by booking your own Diani Beach resort holiday and enjoy the history and culture that Kenya’s coast has to offer!

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