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The Introverted Travelers’ Three Day Guide to San Diego

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As an introverted extrovert myself, I love to have a good time and go out on the town and socialize. However, I also cherish and desire time to myself without a lot of people around me. A trip to San Diego created the perfect balance I was looking for!

Now, you may be asking, what exactly is an “introverted extrovert”? An introverted extrovert is someone that mainly posses the traits of an introvert, yet has some extroverted tendencies.

Perhaps, the more scientific term is an ambivert which is someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion. This type of person can flip into either depending on their mood.

Can you relate?

I caught a flight to San Diego on a Thursday and stayed through Sunday. During my trip, I was in no rush. This was my first time in San Diego and I truly wanted to just enjoy my time, explore some new places, but keep the experience light.

Visiting San Diego, California soon and not sure where to start? Don’t worry! I have planned it out for you! Everything is doable in a day and allows ample time for exploring some of the hot spots of San Diego. This will give you the right mix of outgoing fun and relaxing, slow paced joy.

Enjoy my fellow introverted extroverts!

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Relax & Take a Stroll on the Boardwalk

Let’s dedicate the first day in San Diego to “warming up.” Instead of going in hot and heavy, let’s spend the day at one popular spot that is busy yet calming at the same time.

Mission Bay Beach

Mission Bay beach is a great location to spend the day. If the day is sunny and warm, head over with a day bag in tote to lounge on the beach. Maybe the weather is slightly cooler, then rent a bike and peddle down the strip and make sure to hit the boardwalk.

Girl at the boardwalk in San Diego overlooking Pacific Ocean

Watch the surfers catch waves, grab some food at a local joint, and listen to live music. There’s always street performers to watch as well.

This is a great spot to just chill and enjoy the vibe. There’s always something going on but it’s not an overwhelming feeling.

Pacific Ocean Sunset in San Diego

Make sure to stay to watch the sunset.


It’s day two! After a full nights rest and peaceful evening, there’s no excuses now. Yesterday you were the introverted San Diego traveler. Today, you are warmed up and ready to spend the day enjoying the sun in the daytime but hit the town at night. Day two is dedicated to being extroverted.


Things to Do in La Jolla Cove

Sitting on the edge in San Diego La Jolla Cove Beach

Put your bathing suit on and grab a cover up because we are headed to the Cove! La Jolla Cove is San Diego’s most desired destination! If you’re in San Diego for the first time, this is a must see!

At La Jolla Cove, you can go scuba diving and snorkeling. The abundance in marine life is sure to keep you busy.

La Jolla Cove cliffs and ocean water
Black woman Overlooking La Jolla Cove

Watch the sea lions on the cliffs. Be careful! They will come up to you if you get close enough!

There’s also shops and restaurants surrounding the area, so you can grab a bite, shop for souvenirs, or enjoy some window shopping.

La Jolla Beach

After exploring the cove, take a drive over to the beach side where the water is much calmer. The beach side offers a more relaxing space and if you want to take a dip in the ocean, this is the place to do so. You also won’t have as many sea lions on this side.

Lifegaurd station at La Jolla Beach in California
Woman overlooking the homes at La Jolla Beach California
Skyline of homes in eye site distance.


After your fun day out at the beach, head back to your hotel or Airbnb, shower, and get ready for the nightlife! This is where the extrovert in you can begin to shine.

Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter is a well known spot for nightlife. There’s bars, clubs, lounges, and tons of restaurants. I would advise you take a rideshare down to the quarter or hop on the transit system. Grab dinner and then walk the streets. There’s so much going on and if your cute, you’ll definitely catch the attention of a promoter that will offer you a free drink and free entry to their club. Have fun, but of course be careful.

Petco Park, the baseball stadium, is also located in this area. It can get pretty crowded especially if a game is going on and let’s out at night. So be ready for sports fans and a heavy police presence to flood the Quarter.

DAY 3 “Lyft” Hop the Major Spots

It’s the last day, and we are still on our extroverted “high.” We are going to continue with that energy and Lyft/Uber our way to some other major San Diego spots!

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North Park neighborhood sign in San Diego, California

North Park

North Park is a trendy neighborhood in San Diego. It has a very hipster, millennial vibe. I loved it! Tons of street art for Instagram moments and cool shops and restaurants to have a look at.

Greetings from San Diego Street Mural sign in California

You’ll fine the iconic San Diego sign located at 4225 30th Street. This is the perfect Instagram spot to grab a photo!

woman and the hot coffee cold beer sign in North Park California
“Hot Coffee, Cool Beer”

Outside Young Hickory where you can grab coffee & craft Beer.

San Diego street mural of donut skateboarding with coffee
Nomad Donuts. Gourmet donut and bagel shop in the heart of North Park
Hammond Ice Cream flight in North Park, San Diego California
Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream.

Old Town

Old Town San Diego State National Park in California

About 7 miles northwest of North Park, hop over to Old Town! Old Town offers great history, authentic Mexican cuisine, and some interesting museums to take a look at. Old Town is recognized as California’s first settlement.

Little Italy

Little Italy San Diego neighborhood street sign

Are you still with me? Let’s keep going!

Now, we are going to head south about 4 miles to Little Italy. You’ll know you’re in Little Italy when you start to see colorful houses and smell the aroma of good food! Little Italy is a lively neighborhood that’s full of history. Grab some food or just stroll through. Either way, you will enjoy the energy here!

Woman sitting in big red chair in Little Italy San Diego
Little Italy big read chair.
Woman street mural in Little Italy neighborhood in San Diego, California
Mural in Little Italy.

Downtown San Diego

If you just keep walking, you’ll end up exploring more of the downtown area. Walk towards the water and gaze out at the Pacific Ocean and all of the boats lined up. You’ll find parks, museums, and more food spots to try.

Welcome to Waterfront Park Sign in Downtown San Diego
Marina at waterfront park with boats docked

By this time, you should be tired and ready to head back to the hotel for the night. By the next day you’ll need to rest up and you probably won’t want to be bothered. Rest up and safe travels home!


There you have it! 3 days in beautiful San Diego, California for the introverted extrovert. This offers a good balance for those that want to have fun and mingle about the town but also wants to explore and take in the moments in a more modest approach.

Although an introverted extrovert may not be the proper scientific term, over the recent years it’s definitely become a “thing.” Introverts tend to enjoy time to themselves and need those quiet times to build energy back up. An extroverted person is typically outgoing and gains energy from being around other people.

This guide is just scratching the San Diego surface; There’s so much more you can do while visiting. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation by the beach with amazing landscapes, chill vibes and cool places to explore, put San Diego at the top of your list!

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