21 Wildlife Photos from Maasai Mara Safari Game Drive

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I embarked on the trip of a lifetime to the African country, Kenya. This was a trip mixed with city fun, sandy beaches, and a little bit of country. I danced in a lounge in Nairobi, relaxed poolside in Mombasa, and roughed it in a tent for the safari experience in Maasai Mara. And truthfully, the safari was the highlight of the trip!

Growing up, I thought seeing a lion in a zoo was pretty amazing, but to see a lion thriving in its natural habitat is a thousand times better! The zoo is no comparison to the real thing. If you’ve only seen an elephant in a controlled environment, then you need to step your adventure game up!

While traveling through Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya with Mara Gates Safari, I was able to see amazing herds of zebras and elephants, and gaze upon a pride of lions sleeping under the hot sun.

On my safari, I snapped some truly incredible photos that I hope will inspire you! First, let me give you some background details on my safari vacation.

7 Adventurous Days in Kenya with Mara Gates Safaris

Not sure where to start on booking a Safari vacation? If you need a reliable recommendation, look no further than Mara Gates Safaris, the “King of Safaris.”

My travel group took an adventure to Kenya in September of 2018. Visiting Kenya and going on a safari has always been a dream of mine. I mean, what 90’s kid doesn’t want to see the real-life Lion King? We booked a 7 day, unforgettable vacation package that covered 3 different cities in Kenya: Nairobi, Maasai Mara, and Mombasa.

Looking for a mix of cultural learning and city fun? Instead, maybe you’re more adventurous and want an action-packed vacation with days of safari game drives and then a relaxing few days on the coast in Mombasa. Or, how about all of the above!

Whatever you’re looking for, Mara Gates will customize and curate an affordable package to your liking. Whether you are coming solo or as a group, the possibilities are endless.


Mara Gates worked with our group to create an itinerary that fit our time frame and sightseeing desires. As a group of 7, the program was curated especially for us:

Booked with Mara Gates Safaris:

  • Night 1 – Arrival
  • Day 1/Night 2 – Full Day Nairobi
  • Day 2/Night 3 – Drive from Nairobi to Maasai Mara
  • Day 3/Night 4 – Full day Maasai Mara
  • Day 4/Night 5 – Fly from Maasai Mara to Nairobi. Then, fly to Mombasa
  • Day 5/Night 6 – Full day Mombasa
  • Day 6/Night 7 – Full day Mombasa
  • Day 7/Night 8 – Mombasa to Nairobi
  • Day 8 – Departure

There are a variety of other options to choose from based on your vacation length and planned daily excursions. Want meals included in your price? No problem! You can also have meals included in your package for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or select the days and meals you want for each day.


Group transportation during our holiday was not an issue. Our driver was amazing! From the moment we arrived, he was present and ready to immerse us into Kenyan culture.

Arranged with our tour company, our driver picked us up from the airport, drove us to all our scheduled day trips, drove 5 hours to Maasai Mara from Nairobi, did the game drives, and in the end, dropped us back off at the airport for our departure.

When you book with Mara Gates, make sure to ask for Ken! He was a friendly driver, helped us with understanding the culture, and was always attentive to our needs.

20 Photos of Kenya’s Wildlife

From beginning to end, Mara Gates took care of our vacation and made sure we had a memorable time. If we had any issues along the way, we were provided with the director’s personal number to call at any time.

Here are 20 shots I personally took on Narok County Maasai Mara National Game Drive:

Please note, I have not been paid or asked to provide my review of Mara Gates Safaris.  This is my personal opinion and experience.
All photos were taken by me and belong to
Kenya Safari Female Lion

A Lioness searching for her next meal.

Kenya Safari giraffe

Two giraffes casually grazing on the trees.

Kenya Safari hippos

A bloat of hippopotamuses relaxing lazily on the beach.

Kenya Safari leopard

A Leopard walking toward a truck of tourists on a game drive.

Kenya Safari leopard

The leopard coming out from behind the bushes.

Kenya Safari elephant emerging from trees

An elephant came out from the trees straight towards our van.

Kenya Safari lion cubs sleeping under shaded trees

Lion cubs resting from the heat under shaded trees.

Kenya Safari male lion sleeping under shaded trees

Male lions sleeping under shaded trees. They were unbothered by the large van of tourists snapping photos of them.

Kenya Safari lions under shaded trees
Kenya Safari elephant

Elephant walking by itself in the open.

Kenya Safari hippos in water

Hippos bathing and soaking in the water.

Kenya Safari gazelles

Two gazelles grazing in the open grass.

Kenya Safari lion walking

A female lion searching for her next prey.

Kenya Safari two lion cubs walking

Two cubs playing around and running in the open.

Kenya Safari gazelle

A gazelle out in the open.

Kenya Safari wildebeests

The African buffalo; One of the big five animals of Kenya.

Kenya Safari wildebeests

A confusion of African buffalos.

Kenya Safari zebras

A dazzle of zebras and a lonely warthog on looking in the back.

Kenya Safari giraffe in the distance

Giraffes walking in the distance.

Kenya Safari elephant up close

A beautiful photo of an elephant up close.

Kenya Safari hyena sitting in dirt

A hyena resting in the sun waiting for scraps.

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